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How Can Parents Access Childrens Facebook Account

Facebook is an addictive social networking website. As a result, many (including children) want to create account on Facebook to join the action. By default, Facebook requires its users to be at least 13 years old to able to create an account. Did your child provide wrong age information and created a Facebook account?

Questions of concerned Parents
In such situation, there are lot questions for parents to able to deal with Facebook account created (and used) by their child. This may include: Can I access my child’s Facebook account, Can I delete Facebook account created by my child, Can I view which Facebook users my child is interacting.
While there is no definite answer to such concerns, following alternatives should able to satisfy needs of majority of parents in this regard.
Deal with Facebook account created by child
1. Talk to your child and make him / her understand “you are too young to use Facebook'” Guide your child to delete the Facebook account. You can always show the positive side “you can use Facebook when 13yrs or older”.
2. If above does not work, you can block website on his / her computer. Checkout easy to use block specific website method to disable opening of on Windows computer.
3. If convincing does not work, you can report your child’s Facebook account for deletion. Use this form to report under-age user. Facebook team will delete reported account.
Besides above there is last resort to use Child Data Request form. You will be required to submit a notarized statement declaring your rights as a parent or guardian immediately upon using this form.

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