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Last Concept can assist everyone - from individuals to large Enterprises in discovering their family names, brands, products, services or trademarked term's availability on Social Media networks.
To date Last Concept's team has helped reserve 1000's of profiles and reported back to some of our clients over 100 issues of squatting and misrepresentation of brands, family names, username or trademarked terms.
This is all done with local employees in the United States with absolutely no dependence on offshore outsourcing. All to protect your private data.
Last Concept has been tracking and monitoring hundreds of social media networks populated mostly with user-generated content. Our database of networks is updated frequently as new sites are released and our staff reviews them for quality. We track multiple metrics on these sites to determine which networks are gaining (or losing) traction in the world of social media. By using and storing these metrics we watch for traffic patterns and social networks popularity.
Last Concept also constantly updates and new sites added to our database of social sites. The next Facebook is already out there or soon to come - Last Concept offers a subscription service (Brand Protection Program) to ensure you don't have to worry about it. As new sites emerge we will make sure that your family name's, brand's, product's, service's or trademarked terms are already planted and you will not have to worry about dealing with personal or business past dealings or marketers misrepresenting your social media identity.