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Build an Impenetrable Online Reputation

How to create a positive online reputation that will withstand future attacks
Often times a negative article or posting can affect a person’s online reputation. Negative information, if
left unchecked and unresolved, can negatively affect an individual’s ability to cultivate good and workable relationships with others, impacting that person’s ability to get hired, do business and sustain
positive communications with family and friends. Building a positive online reputation requires diligence and tenacity. To develop and hold onto a positive reputation, an individual must maintain a steady and proactive approach.

Getting Positive Content Online
One of the most effective ways to manage a positive reputation is through the generation of positive search results. Search engines like Google and Bing pick up on content regardless of its nature or source. The more positive information is about a person, the more likely the chance that positive information will pop up higher in search engine rankings. Committing yourself to the consistent generation of positive content is essential to securing a positive online reputation.

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Reputation
Social media sites, for instance, tend to receive preference in search engine rankings. As such, a positive personal social media page can do wonders for your reputation. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are featured prominently on Google and Bing, and the more positive the content is on an individual’s page, the better that content is for that person’s online image. Committing yourself to an ongoing influx of positive posts helps to eliminate the impact of negative social media content. Since engines like Google regularly indexes changes to website and social media content, it’s critical to commit yourself to regular updates. Frequent updates help to keep your content relevant and active, providing you with a golden opportunity to maintain prominence and visibility in ranking pages.

Maintaining a Blog
Another measure you can take to help ensure your online reputation remains intact is to actively maintain a blog. Blogging is a great way to positively promote yourself online. By actively maintaining your blog and consistently updating it with accurate and compelling content that highlights your best attribute and talents, you continue to provide search engines like Google and Bing with new, quality content that portrays you and/or your business in a positive. This, especially when combined with SEO, will help the results you want people to see appear in prominent positions in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Suppressing Negative Results
Suppressing negative content with the creation and promotion of positive content can be a highly-effective way to build and maintain a positive online reputation, though it is also important to keep up on any new and potentially damaging items that can seemingly pop out of nowhere. Regular searches of your name and business can help to keep you apprised of new and harmful content. New items show up on the web every day, and active self-searching can help you mitigate the threats of harm before they become a real and lasting problem.