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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Social Profile + Social Identity | Search + Reserve? 

Last Concept is a Social Media management system, a trademark protection service, a brand marketing platform and a social profile all rolled into one! We offer a lot of different services, ranging from our free username search, domain search and trademark search all the way to our Enterprise Dashboard for larger social media account management needs. 

  • How long will it take for my order to be complete? 

The Social Profile Reservation Team requires 5-7 business days for turnaround for on most orders, and up to 14 days for Enterprise orders. All signups are performed and completed in-house by our trusted staff that have undergone background checks and have agreed to strict adherence to our Non-Disclosure rules. We do not automate or outsource any labor. 

  • May I choose what sites are registered for me? 

Yes, absolutely. You may enter your preferred Social Media sites into the Customer Notes field in the Order Submission form. The sites we can register for you must be found in our active database of Social Networks. You may also send a document or email listing your preferred sites immediately after registering to Last Concept Support. You can also specify certain categories that you wish the Last Concept team to focus on for your signup, instead of individual sites. 

  • Do you offer all Social Media networks? 

We offer all social media sites that allow us to claim a vanity or custom URL for a social profile + social identity. 

  • Will Last Concept help my SEO? 

Last Concept organically helps increase visibility and search results.  

We insert a URL of your choosing (provided during submission) into each Social Media profile that allows for one. Some of these profiles are dofollow, while some are nofollow 

Our clients have reported back that they experience great results from our service. Many clients experience good results in the Local search as well as search engine results.  

It appears that Google and other search engines take social media profiles and ownership into the rankings and use them as a signal of trust.  

Brand strength and Brand continuity have become a ranking factor in the search results. The same brand message, address, phone number and Bio help that Brand earn trust in the eyes of search engines. More strength is assigned to older social profiles when like terms are populated in the search results. Also, the more unique and original content that a social account produces will help give more strength to that profile in the eyes of most search engines currently. 

  • What is the difference between the plans (Business, Corporate and Enterprise)? 

The paid plans all provide the exact same service with a different number of social profiles being registered. Each plan receives a control panel in which to view all of your new social profiles and a link to each public profile page that we've created and registered. Each plan (or username) gets a new email address created which our workers then use to confirm all incoming emails from each social network. Last Concept uploads one profile picture to each social profile. We also insert the username's Description (or Bio), Interests/Likes, URL, Website Title, Address, Phone number, Gender, Birth date, First and Last name, and make sure your vanity URL is claimed. 

  • Do you maintain all social media profiles for me? 

No, not at this time. Last Concept only takes responsibility for the initial registrations, verification and vanity URL creation. All status updates, blog posts, friend requests and profile maintenance is the responsibility of you, the client. 

  • What kind of Metrics are used to analyze and track social networks? 

We use many different data points from several sources to track and analyze the most popular social networks each week. These metrics include, but are not limited to, information from Google, Alexa, MOZ and Majestic SEO. 

  • I am interested in the 100 Social Profiles, which 100 sites do you choose to create profiles? 

We complete profiles on the most popular Social Media sites for the current month. We have built a statistical analysis system to track popularity trends in Social Media.  

This list of the most popular networks tends to change from month to month. We will sign you up for the most relevant and popular sites possible. Very rarely are two Business signups ever the same. Often, certain usernames are already claimed on particular networks, and we must revert to your alternate name or simply move on to the next network. Other times networks fall out of favor, and drop below the top 100. If you must have a profile on a particular network please note so in the Customer Notes section of our Order Submission form, or email Last Concept Support immediately after registering. 

  • How will I know when my signup order is complete? 

Upon completion of your Social Profiles purchase you will receive a Completion Notification. This notification will be sent to the email address you provided during submission of your username details. This email generates from (Please add this email to your white list or contacts). This email will list your account details, including the URL to your new Last Concept profile where you can download a full report of all profiles in Excel CSV, RSS or print-friendly formats. It will also outline the new email address Last Concept created for your social registrations (if you did not provide one) and one strong password that will grant access to your email address and all of the new Social Media profiles that Last Concept has registered on your behalf. 

  • What is the password I will use to get into the sites? 

It is a randomly generated password that you will receive when your account setup is complete. 

  • Can I export a list of all my new profiles into Excel? 

Yes, absolutely. You are able to export an Excel/CSV document right from your Last Concept profile. Login to your Last Concept account and look for the Excel icon located on the top left under your profile picture, or toward the top center of your Last Concept profile above the list of Social Network icons where we have registered your username, in which case it is to the right of the words "Profiles Claimed". This icon will initiate an auto-download of a .csv report listing all of your new social media profiles that Last Concept has registered for you. Also availble are print-friendly and RSS formats. 

  • When ordering, do I have to submit all the information on your submission form? 

No. We ask for those particular submission fields because social networks ask for that information upon registration. The fields listed also help your brand result more frequently for certain search terms. It also helps clients identify you as the true brand that you are trying to promote and gives your brand strength of recognition in the eyes of the search engines. If you do not prefer to list your telephone number or street address you may simply write "NA" in that field. Last Concept recommends truthfully listing all the information requested by the submission form. 

  • What should I make my first and last name if I'm a business? What should I make my username? 

If you are registering a business across the social space you can:  

1. Use the business owner's first and last name, and the business or brand name as the username. (e.g. Joe's Taco Shack, First name: Joe, Last name: Rodriguez, Username: JoesTacoShack) 

2. You may decide to list your first and last name as a representation of your brand name. (e.g. Joe's Taco Shack, First name: Joes, Last name: Tacos, Username: JoesTacoShack 

Be creative, but try your best to maintain brand recognition and continuity. Remember you are trying to promote your brand across the social space, not set up Social Media profiles merely to have them. It is ideal to keep your username between 6 and 15 characters.  

Many sites do not accept usernames over 16 characters. In the case of Enterprise orders, it is often very difficult to register 300 profiles with a username longer than 16 characters in length. 

  • What size photo should I upload? 

Please provide a .jpg image under 1MB in size with a square dimension of 300x300 pixels. Last Concept is not responsible for any cropping or image degradation that may take place within particular social networks. Be careful to leave some padding on all sides of logo or image, as some networks crop images differently than others. It is NOT recommended to upload a rectangular image. These images get squished and look bad as your brand image on your social profiles.